Project Outreach

Follow Up and Drop In Programs


Follow Up Program

Project OUTREACH is an overdose follow up program, an effort to offer help to those struggling with substance abuse.  The Plymouth Police Department and a group of treatment providers came together in collaboration, creating this program, which started December 1st, 2015.

The Plymouth Police Department responds to all overdoses in the town of Plymouth.  Project OUTREACH is designed to follow up to these overdoses within 24 hours to offer help.

Plymouth Police Department deploys a plain clothes officer along with a substance abuse counselor or provider to the subject’s home.  They knock on the door, and attempt to speak with the person who overdosed and offer them several treatment options (including the option to accept a treatment bed).  The subject and or family members almost always choose to speak with the counselors.  If the subject decides not to accept treatment that day, the counselor will follow up continually (usually on a daily/bi-daily basis) over the next few weeks in order to continue to offer treatment options.

Project OUTREACH also reaches out and offers help to the family members as well.  They provide resources that can help them deal with their loved one’s addiction, as well as discussing other options, such as a Section 35.

In January of 2016, after only one month of operation, the police chiefs of the Plymouth Cluster (Chief Mike Botieri of Plymouth, Chief Joseph Perkins of Middleboro and Chief Marc Duphily of Carver) met to discuss the program.  By the end of the meeting, it was decided that Middleboro and Carver could both be easily added to Plymouth’s OUTREACH Program, and that they would all benefit from the program and working together.  This created the first cross municipality follow up program in the commonwealth.  This expansion of Project OUTREACH, which began on March 1st, 2016, now encompasses all three communities.  Should a Carver resided overdose in Plymouth, the Carver Police are now on the system, and are able to follow up with a plain clothes officer and a counselor.

Since its inception, there have been many successes. The program has enjoyed an 85% success rate since its kick off in December 2015.  Whether the person accepted help on the first day, or when a counselor followed up at a later time, 85% of the people reached have accepted the help offered by Project OUTREACH.

The three police departments work in conjunction with Beth Israel Deaconess Plymouth, High Point Treatment Center, Gosnold, Clean Slate, Bay State Community Services and South Bay Mental Health. The Plymouth County Sheriff’s Office prints the pamphlets that are distributed through Project OUTREACH.

Drop In Center

In 2016, Project OUTREACH added a Drop-In Center for the community.  This is an evening that occurs twice a month (the second Tuesday and third Wednesday of the month).  This is an additional component that adds a prevention element to Project OUTREACH. The Drop-In Center is a place that someone struggling can go to talk to a licensed clinician for help with addiction.  The center is also a safe place for friends and family members of someone struggling with substance use disorder to go and get resources and help.  Representatives from Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital, High Point Treatment Centers, Gosnold Treatment Centers, Clean Slate, South Bay Mental Health, Bay State Community Services, Teen Challenge, Spire Recovery, Learn to Cope, BAMSI, Amerigas, Mutual Bank, and the Carver, Middleboro and Duxbury Police Departments are all present to provide those struggling with addiction and their families with guidance and counseling.